Yuen Po Bird Garden, Prince Edward

my mum and i made a quick visit to Yuen Po Bird Garden. it is actually very close to the Flower Market, so you can always visit both places on the same day.

some of the Hong Kong elderly love keeping birds as pets, particularly pretty birds that sing. and it is quite common to see them ‘walking’ their birds in parks, where they socialise with other elderly and their birds.

every morning, i often see the same old man with his several bird cages hanging out in the park near my home. it’s a pretty Hong Kong thing, i reckon.

the Yuen Po Bird Garden serves as a sort of ‘Bird Street’ in Hong Kong. one cool thing about Hong Kong is how they tend to have themed streets like ‘Goldfish Street’ where you get plastic bags of goldfish lining the entire street, ‘Toy Street’ or ‘Sports’ Shoes Street’, for example.

this Bird Street of Hong Kong is pretty interesting. it is also very noisy. there were plenty of birds to gawk at and admire, fancy parrots strutting their stuff next to their owners, also a variety of creepy crawlies and bugs on sale as bird feed.



i found the visit extremely fascinating. though to be honest, i also felt a bit sorry for the birds as they weren’t free to fly about as they wished.

Visiting hours: 7a.m. – 6p.m.

How to get there: 10 mins walk from B1 exit, Prince Edward MTR Station


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