Priscilla Ahn live in MOM livehouse, North Point

in conjunction with Mothers’ Day, i took my mum for her first ever live music concert in the aptly named MOM livehouse at North Point.


we got there at about 7.30p.m. local indie duo, per se, kicked off the show at 8.00p.m. with a number of pleasant English songs. the music was really good but it was difficult listening to the lyrics as the enunciation wasn’t very clear. and i think both performers (a guy and a girl) seemed pretty shy so there wasn’t much banter.


Priscilla Ahn took the stage at 9.00p.m. and simply charmed us for the entire night with her ridiculously beautiful voice and glittery laugh.


(this photo is from the organiser’s fb page)

she simply knew how to charm the crowd. she had witty stories related to some of her songs. she looked super pretty. she even sang 2 chinese songs much to the delight of the crowd.

i started listening to her music about 8 years ago so i recognised every single one of her songs that night. and she sounded better live, which is amazing because her recorded works are already very good.

for those who have never heard of her, try listening to ‘Dream‘, one of her more famous works.

she closed the show with ‘Song of Hope’ and used it to highlight the problems that the world is facing today, hoping that people would just get along.

i am so glad she came to Hong Kong, and that my mum seemed to enjoy it too.


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