Tai Wai – Tai Po Run

it’s Labour Day today and the weather’s extremely fine. so i figured i could go for another run along the Shing Mun river to Tai Po Waterfront Park.

this time i started from Tai Wai MTR station and ran by Shatin Park along the Shing Mun River all the way to Tai Po Waterfront Park. it’s about 13km in total, but completely flat all the way.

i blogged about this run before actually.

previously i ran in the afternoon which was a bit silly because i got pretty sunburned afterward. this time, i ran in the evening and the view was so pretty.

there were still a lot of things to see. there were quite a number of people jogging and cycling still. i also ran across a group of old men gambling over chinese chess, a karaoke session at Shatin Park and a few bodybuilders er… bodybuilding.

Shing Mun river

i’ll probably be doing this run more often now.

Ma On Shan

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