Yat Lok Barbeque Restaurant, Tai Po

my mum had just arrived at Hong Kong for a whopping 3 months’ visit yesterday. she is the sort of woman who always has to have something to do, or she will become immensely bored. retirement did not suit her one bit. so she figured a change of environment would be rather exciting and hence, ended up booking tickets to visit her oldest daughter, moi.

after picking her up from the airport and settling down home, i decided to take my mum to Yat Lok Restaurant for some char siew and goose. she wanted to have something local for dinner.


i have only been to Yat Lok Restaurant, located near Tai Po Market, once prior to yesterday.

we ordered char siew with rice and goose with rice (HKD 50 each). we then split the char siew and goose among ourselves.


the char siew was extremely yummy and meaty with minimal fat. the goose, on the other hand, was a bit unfortunate because we got bits near the rump which had less meat. we should have gotten half a goose or a quarter goose to share instead. the last time i was there, we got half a goose and the meaty parts were really good.

even the rice and vege were delicious. so we finished everything on the plate.

initially, we wanted to have just one char siew and goose with rice, and then head over to Kwan Kee Beef Noodles Shop for their famous beef noodles. unfortunately, the shop was already closed when we got there.

luckily, my favourite tau fu fah shop, located right next to Kwan Kee, was still open.

my mum got the hot red bean tau fu fah (HKD 10) while i got the sweet ginger sauce tau fu fah (HKD 8). the tau fu fah  were silky smooth and not too large in portion. we ate them on the stools located next to the shop.


feeling stuffed, we walked around the square for a bit and bought some fruits on the way to the MTR station. we will probably try the food at the Tai Po Market food centre at some point.



G/F, Block A, Po Wah Building,

5 Tai Ming Lane, Tai Po.

9-min walk from Exit A1, Tai Po Market MTR Station



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