Coldplay in Bangkok

i have been looking forward to blog about Coldplay’s concert in Bangkok. it was held on 7 April 2017.

many months back, i was really excited to find out that Coldplay was going on tour in Asia, but was mighty disappointed when Hong Kong wasn’t one of their stops. i tried to purchase tickets for their concert in Singapore but all their tickets were sold out on the first day they were on sale.

i was mortified. sad. emoooooooo.

until they revealed that they would hold a concert in Bangkok as well. i decided to try my luck, and i got lucky. i got myself 2 standing tickets and gave the other to my sister.

and wallah!


my sis and i ended up in Don Muang airport late at night the day before the concert.

on the day of the concert itself, we got to the venue at 2p.m. (the gates opened at 5p.m.). it was already super crowded by then. the traffic at Ramkhamhaeng (where Rajamangala National Stadium is located) was extremely busy.

there were a lot of fans already queuing up in front of the gates. they were sitting on the floor – eating, chatting and singing – basically having a picnic. the weather was incredibly hot and humid. a lot of people were wearing Coldplay merchandise. there were street vendors close by selling cold drinks and snacks.


my sis and i bought some and we joined the crazy crowd queuing in front of the gates.

30 minutes before the gates opened, everybody stood up and rushed in front of the gates. we were all packed together like sardines. luckily the gates opened pretty much on time and everybody rushed to the stage. my sis and i got B standing tickets, which was behind the A tickets (the zone closest to the stage). nevertheless, i am glad we got there early enough for my sis and i managed to park ourselves right in front of the barrier separating the A zone and the B zone. we got ourselves a comfy gate to lean on while enjoying the concert, and nobody blocking us at the front.


there were a lot of Indonesians in the crowd – they chanted “Indonesia” cheers quite often before the concert started. there were also many Malaysians in the crowd. in fact, we got to chat with 3 friendly Malaysians who occupied the spot right next to ours. a lot of people brought flags to the concert as a shoutout from their homeland. it really felt more like an international football tournament than a concert at one point.

shit got real when the concert was about to start.

people just got really excited and everybody pushed forward to get as close as they could to the stage. and mind, it was incredibly hot and humid so we were all very hot and sticky and sweaty. you could smell the pungent sweat and excitement in the air.

an Australian singer / rapper named Jess Kent kicked off the show with a number of rap / dance tunes that my sis and i weren’t really big fans of. we spent most of the time admiring her abs really.

and then, Coldplay.

they kicked off the show with “A Head Full of Dreams” and there was no turning back from there. Chris Martin got us to jump, shout, cheer and sing our lungs out. he was a ball of energy, running from one end of the stage to another, singing while lying on the floor or banging on the piano.

he also seemed to really love his fans – the band played all their hit songs from their first album up till their latest. this is something i really appreciate because a lot of artists tend to play a lot of songs from the latest albums and only throw in a few of their older hits.

there was so much adrenaline in the air. the crowd numbered a whopping 67,000 people. there were a lot of awesome aesthetics too. the LED wristbands which changed colour with every song was a huge hit and a very pretty sight. there were balloons bouncing all over the place, fireworks, flames shooting from the ground, confetti rain, just a whole lotta awesome stuff. the only thing i was missing is a Songkran-like water fest. that would have been way awesome as it was really hot and Songkran was just a week away.


so, we got treated to this wonderfully delicious and fulfilling set list:

1. A Head Full of Dreams
2. Yellow **my favourite Coldplay song of all time. i was so ecstatic.

3. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
4. The Scientist
5. Birds
6. Paradise
7. Always in My Head
8. Magic
9. Everglow **they dedicated this song to the late King of Thailand – the country was still in mourning
10. Clocks
11. Midnight
12. Charlie Brown
13. Hymn for the Weekend
14. Fix You
15. “Heroes”(David Bowie cover) **i was so excited! though i was also kinda hoping he would cover Prince’s Purple Rain
16. Viva la Vida
17. Adventure of a Lifetime
18. Kaleidoscope
19. In My Place
20. Don’t Panic
21. Til Kingdom Come
22. Something Just Like This **yesssss! they sang their latest hit and the crowd went absolutely wild. my sis and i kept singing this while walking on the streets the next morning.
23. A Sky Full of Stars

24. Up&Up

while i super enjoyed their concert and was extremely extremely grateful to have been able to be there with my sis, there were a few minor minor grievances:

firstly, it was really exhausting to brave the crowd in such heat. we witnessed at least 10 people being carried off after collapsing, probably due to heat stroke.

secondly, it was really really difficult to leave the place, as expected. there were a lot of people hailing cabs. traffic was terrible. cabs were overcharging everyone and refusing to fetch locals because the drivers felt they could charge the foreigners more. my sis and i walked all the way to the end of the main road to get away from the competition. our cab driver refused to use the meter but i don’t think he overcharged us too heavily – a local friend of mine thought that he charged us pretty fairly compared to some of the other drivers who overcharged her friends a whole lot more.

thirdly, they sang a “Singapore song” for Singapore. see here:

it would have been so cute and awesome if they had sung a Bangkok one, though i am not from Bangkok. but ah well. one cannot be too greedy.

overall, it was a great experience and i am mighty pleased. i get to tick one item off my bucket list now. woohoo! viva la vida! 😀

[disclaimer: photos are from le sis, videos are from youtube. sis took some videos too but i can’t upload them on wordpress as i don’t have the premium package. 😦 ]


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