Shatin – Tai Po run

last week, i ran from Shatin to Tai Po.

from Shatin MTR station, i walked to Shatin Park. then i ran along Shing Mun river towards Tai Po Waterfront Park. this is a route popular among weekend cyclists, en route to Tai Mei Tuk.

the route is approximately 12km long and completely flat. so while it might seem like quite a distance, it’s not a difficult run.

the route along Science Park near University Station has public toilets and a few vendors. the view is really pretty, especially the stretch opposite Ma On Shan. it’s also fun to people-watch and bicycle-watch as you run -there were some really cute bikes. and dogs. i also caught sight of a few hunks bodybuilding along the way (blush).

once you get to Tai Po Waterfront Park, there are abundant public toilets, vending machines and water filters. there are also a lot of people picnicking with their tents and people flying kites. i think it’s the only place i’ve been where i could find people flying kites in hong kong.


the best part?

rewarding myself with yummy cold tau fu fah near Tai Po Market at the end of the run.



the downside?

there isn’t much shade along the route and the sun was up when i ran in the noon. so… i pretty much got sunburned.


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