sunset at Garden Hill

Garden Hill is officially my favourite urban sunset place.

named after the Garden factory (the one that manufactures bread and cakes) which is located closeby, this hill in busy Sham Shui Po is a popular spot for locals to catch the sun setting on a backdrop of the many flats and buildings in Kowloon.

to get there, take the MTR to Sham Shui Po station. take the D1 exit and walk along Kwei Lin Street till you reach Berwick Street. walk upslope toward Mei Ho House. alternatively, you can also walk there from Shek Kip Mei MTR station.

a short walk up the slope will lead you to Mei Ho House. just before its entrance, there will be a sign on the wall telling you to turn right to reach the staircases that will lead you up the hill.

the climb up the stairs takes about 10 to 15 mins at most.

personally, i like to visit Mei Ho House before going up the hill. it used to be a H-shaped flat for residential use, built for resettlement of people affected by a fire disaster in Shek Kip Mei. it has now been turned into a pretty decent youth hostel.

they have an exhibition detailing its long and significant history on the ground floor. if you go up to the 1st floor via the exhibition space, you get to appreciate some replica of the previous Mei Ho House living quarters.

the cafe within Mei Ho House is a pretty good spot to chill and work too. they feature different artwork on every wall. these artworks change from time to time, which makes it interesting.

there is also a small souvenir shop which sells bottled Vita-soy and alcohol, which you can purchase to drink while sitting and waiting for the sun to set up on the hill.

on clear days, the hill might get crowded with people and tripods. you might want to get there a little earlier to book a neat spot.

i would also advise you to stay until the lights on the buildings turn on because that is as pretty, if not more so, as the sun setting.

so, here are some photos of the aforementioned beautiful sunset:


so pretty.




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